Our Vision

Qtopia is an ecosystem that combines the tangible world and metaverse, where NFT holders will be able to take part in the creation of a game and animation series, as well as collect limited-edition real-world merchandise!

Love, Imagination, and Happiness for all!

Play To Own Game

We will be producing both PC and Mobile-friendly games with lore and storytelling. Discover the unforgettable Kingdom of Happiness, and follow our heroes' adventures as they unravel the mystery of the Kingdom. Meet interesting characters, play with friends, and accumulate tokens!


Welcome to The ImagineVerse

Join your friends and guild in our infinite version of the metaverse. Designed to be infinitely scrollable without a fixed center, the ImagineVerse presents equal opportunities for all players. Socialize, chat, engage, and stake your land to earn rewards.


Holders of the special Genesis NFT will have access to the limited Genesis edition.


Animation Series

With an experienced leadership team from Tappy Yoka, we want to create top-quality animated content aimed to impress and entertain. NFT holders will gain special rights to be involved in the content creation process.