Let there be happiness

...and there was...

The Story

In the lands of Happiness, even normal folks live like demigods. Because of the blessings they receive from the Vitamin Gods, they are granted great strength and near-immortality. In return, the citizens plant and harvest VitaMelons, powerful plants of remembrance that gives the Vitamin Gods their powers.


The Vitamin Gods

In the city of Medulla, the Vitamin Gods live among the people of Happiness. The Vitamin Gods are always ready to share their blessings with the citizens of Happiness. Each of the Vitamin Gods has a VitaMon companion, a magical being that represents their unique powers and abilities. The VitaMons are a constant presence in the city of Medulla, always by the side of their godly masters.


The Civil War

But the trouble is brewing in the midst of the Vitamin Gods. As the goddess of Healing and Restoration, Dolores was used to being a powerful and respected figure in the land of Happiness. But when she became jealous of her husband Carmine's popularity and fell victim to an evil plot by her sidekick Cinnabum, everything changed...

The Heroes

Determined to bring hope and healing to the land, the heroes set out to search for the lost art of cultivating the VitaMelons. They also seek out the lost pets of the gods, the VitaMons, hoping that they will lead them to the forgotten VitaGods that are wandering the land.